Report Concept Note

Cross posted from the Institute of Development Studies, 19 February 2014.

In the past few years the global malnutrition crisis has been gaining attention. High profile events such as the Nutrition for Growth summit in London and the formation of the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) movement have reflected an upsurge in interest, commitment and efforts to reduce malnutrition. This momentum, however, has yet to be fully matched by a collective capacity to track progress and political commitment on this issue; meaning there remains a gap in accountability.

This is why IDS has been commissioned by DFID to contribute to a process that will produce a Global Nutrition Report. The Report will aim to bring the crisis of malnutrition to the attention of people around the world, will present its scale and consequences, as well as solutions being found around the world.

The ultimate aim of the report is to build momentum for action on nutrition and empower nutrition advocates at all levels to make the argument for a scale up in resources, and effective allocation of those resources. By collating existing data, identifying knowledge gaps and proposing ways to fill them, this report aims to sustain and increase political commitment to eradicate malnutrition. More comprehensive, transparent and accessible data will also create greater public accountability on this issue.

This resource is intended for use by a range of actors - from citizen activists to national governments and international organisations - and will be an opportunity for learning between these actors.

Have your say

For the report to be most effective a wide range of potential users must also feel it reflects their concerns and interests. In drafting the concept note for the report we have already held consultations with over 50 stakeholders. But we want to hear from more potential users of the report.

If you work or are active on the issue of nutrition, whether it be globally or in a particular region or country, please take some time to read our concept note and let us know what you think. Your views are important to us and the feedback we receive will help shape the report.

We would particularly like to know:

  • How can this report be made useful to you in your own work?
  • What specific types of information would you like to see included?
  • Who should own this global report?
  • What format for the report would be most useful for your work context - print/online PDF/country summary 2-pagers etc.
  • How frequent should the report be in order to be of greatest value to you?

Please also state your role and organisation.

Please email with comments and feedback by 21st March 2014.