Why do we need a new report?

Reports cost time and money and may just be duplicating what already exists. So what is unique about the Global Nutrition Report?

Three key features set the Report apart:

  1. It is comprehensive – this report will be inclusive both in terms of country coverage and coverage of nutrition-relevant actions, from inputs to outcomes;
  2. It aims to fill in the data gaps – this report will address key analytical gaps in the nutrition accountability framework, both at the national and international levels;
  3. It is about stats and stories – this report aims to create an open space for dialogue and expression that is not easily captured in numbers.

Moreover, the Report will be shaped and publicised by key stakeholders and nutrition champions in the national launch countries (Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia and Senegal).

Together these unique characteristics will make the Global Nutrition Report a responsive tool for nutrition advocacy – to increase commitment to investing in nutrition across countries, sectors and interventions.

Comparison of the Global Nutrition Report with existing key reports

Feature of Reports


Countdown to 2015 Maternal, Newborn and Child Health

SCN World Nutrition Situation

SUN Progress Report

Global Hunger Index

Hunger and Nutrition Commitment Index (HANCI)


Exclusively nutrition-focused

Externally peer reviewed

All WHA Nutrition Status Outcomes

Full Programme Coverage

All Major Underlying Determinants

Financial Resources - Countries

Financial Resources - Donors

Resources Committed by CSOs, Private Sector

Political Commitment – Countries



New Analytical Work