Archives for July 2014

Tracking Business Commitments in the Global Nutrition Report

The inaugural Global Nutrition Report should reflect on the growing and fast changing role of business and of market based solutions in addressing undernutrition in developing countries.

The Nutrition Paradox in Kenya: What Are We Doing?

Kenya, like many other African countries, grapples with two heavy burdens of malnutrition.

Response to Comment: Iron Supplementation

Thank you for your comment "There are no indicators on iron supplementation for adolescents and pregnant/lactating women, child spacing (related to stunting) and adolescent/women food diversity."

Response to Comment: Dietary Diversity

We received an important question on why there are "no dietary diversity indicators" in the Global Report Country Profiles.

Assessing the Impact of Political Commitment Metrics: Towards an Agenda

Whether or not a particular metric survives will be determined by the terrain of technical and methodological soundness, and increasingly also on their actual uptake and policy impact.

Decentralising Accountability for Nutrition in Odisha

An example from an Indian state where accountability for nutrition was decentralised in an effort to improve nutrition programme performance.

Indicators for Country Profiles

We are pleased to share the draft list of indicators that we will be preparing for each country for the Global Nutrition Report.