Archives for October 2014

Improving Accountability and Decision-Making for Nutrition: Can ICTs Fill the Data Gaps?

Effective nutrition monitoring systems are crucial for governments and other agencies to capture undernutrition in its early stages, track trends and inform rapid decision-making.

A New Indicator for Global Assessment of Dietary Diversity Among Women

Given the complexity and cost of any accurate quantitative assessment of dietary intakes, there is a clear need for simple proxy indicators that can be incorporated into large-scale surveys.

Nutrition by the Numbers: Feeding the Data Revolution

On World Food Day, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation talks about their belief in the power of data for development, and the importance of how that data is used.

Closing the Gap on Acute Malnutrition

Now is the time to see acute malnutrition firmly embedded within the development process – starting with the Post-2015 development framework.

Resources Supporting a World Free from Hidden Hunger

As we approach World Food Day, we must not overlook a hunger that does not always respond to just the provision of food - hidden hunger.