Changes to the Independent Expert Group

The Independent Expert Group (IEG) wishes to thank Srinath Reddy for his co-leadership of the first Global Nutrition Report. Srinath recently stepped down as an IEG member due to his demanding leadership role at the Public Health Foundation of India.  He will be hard to replace. The IEG would also like to thank Esi Colecraft for her participation in the IEG for the 2014 Report and while she will not be able to continue this involvement into 2015, we look forward to her ongoing engagement with the Report.

In the meantime, the IEG is very pleased to be able to announce two new members of the team: Purnima Menon and Boyd Swinburn.

Purnima is a Senior Research Fellow based in the IFPRI New Delhi office.  Purnima is unusual in being an expert in process and impact evaluations as well as having a deep understanding of the biology of nutrition and the policy processes behind nutrition improvement, connecting biology to equitable and sustainable development.  Her work is mostly in the undernutrition sphere.  She specialises in India but has worked in several countries leading major multi-partner projects.

Boyd is a leader in the field of obesity prevention and food policy in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries in the Pacific Rim. His research focuses on the economic, policy and sociocultural determinants of obesity especially in relation to monitoring and evaluating interventions to reduce obesogenic food environments.

Both Purnima and Boyd manage to be independent minded, rigorous researchers and active policy influencers - that is why we wanted them on the IEG.

IEG Meeting, Delhi, February 2015

IEG Meeting, Delhi, February 2015