Announcing Two New Independent Expert Group Co-Chairs

As the Global Nutrition Report evolves, it is important to share the responsibility of  leadership and to diversify the skills and views, and that is why the Co-chairs of the Stakeholder Group (SG) join Lawrence Haddad in welcoming Corinna Hawkes and  Emorn Udomkesmalee as two new Co-chairs of the Independent Expert Group (IEG).

With three IEG Co-chairs, we now have a better coverage of malnutrition in all its forms and of global and national expertise. With only two more months to complete the writing of the Report, Corinna and Emorn are also joining Lawrence at a critical time. Corinna and Emorn have long and distinguished track records in nutrition and the SG looks forward to working with them and Lawrence in taking the Global Nutrition Report work to the next level.