Archives for July 2015

Nutrition and the SDGs

As the UN post-2015 summit in September approaches how does the current draft of the SDGs shape up with respect to nutrition? Asma Lateef, Director of Bread for the World Institute with Jennifer Thompson and Joanna Francis of Concern share their reflections.

Update on the 2015 Global Nutrition Report

As the 2015 Global Nutrition Report is being finalised for publication in September, we thought it would be a good time for the co-chairs of the Independent Expert Group to provide an update on the Report.

Trade and Aid: Creating Winning Conditions for Nutrition

The nutrition community can help by proactively creating new alliances and opportunities beyond the usual suspects.

Dakar Global Nutrition Report Presentation

While the West Africa Region as a whole achieved the MDG target related to halving the prevalence of hunger by 2015, this success has not yet translated into the improvement of nutritional outcomes.

The Growing Obesity Epidemic Needs as Much Attention as Undernutrition in Sustainable Development Goals

Why should obesity and undernutrition receive equal attention?