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Toronto Event for the Global Nutrition Report

The Toronto launch of the GNR was organised by SickKids Research Centre, GAIN and the Micronutrient Initiative. The timing of the launch was good. A new Liberal government has just been elected and it is more concerned with social democratic issues, more committed to doing something about child poverty in Canada, and has a renewed >> Read more

Happy World Toilet Day?

Among the multiple things that keep children from growing to their full potential, open defecation is one important factor. World Toilet Day is a day to celebrate that toilet and latrine use can solve this problem.

Global Nutrition Report 2015: Calls to Action

We have classified the 2015 Report calls to action by stakeholder type to enable you to easily focus on the actions relevant to your work.

Reflections from the Former Chair of the UN Committee on World Food Security

2030 should not only be the “zero-hunger generation”; but also the healthiest generation, supported by fully sustainable food systems.

GNR Promotional Video Raises Nutrition Awareness Among New Audiences

A new video summarizing key messages from the Global Nutrition Report is now available here. The video, was produced by Mary Kate Costello from The Hunger Project, has footage donated by The Hunger Project and features a soundtrack by well-known electronic duo ODESZA.

GNR and Africa Brief Launch – 6th Africa Day for Food and Nutrition Security

The Africa Brief of the 2015 GNR presents evidence and progress in transforming nutrition commitments into action with ambitious targets for the continent.

Global Nutrition Report Africa Brief 2015

The Africa Brief draws on data from the Global Nutrition Report 2015. It provides a snapshot of the current status of malnutrition in Africa and identifies actions for accelerating progress in the continent.