‘Two For One’ in Myanmar – CSO SUN launch and GNR Roundtable

As effective nutrition programmes are best implemented in conjunction with key government and non-government programmes, such as agriculture, health, social protection and education, panel members say the onus is on all development stakeholders in contributing to national outcomes.

Mexico City Roundtable for the Global Nutrition Report

Mexico has made significant progress in reducing undernutrition. However, the country is now facing unprecedented challenges from overweight and obesity.

The Research Implications of the Global Nutrition Report

This is the report’s main added value for research: it identifies and raises a number of pertinent research questions.

Cotonou Roundtable for the Global Nutrition Report

The Republic of Benin has created an enabling environment for the development of the nutrition sector through the operationalisation of the National Council for Food and Nutrition and of the Strategic Food and Nutrition Development Plan.

Ottawa Event for the Global Nutrition Report

The event served as a call to action to raise ambitions, promote greater understanding, and collect better and more reliable data so policymakers and practitioners can make informed decisions on how to tackle the challenges of malnutrition.

Going Dutch in Global Nutrition

It is time for nutritionists to step beyond their comfort zone, engage with other sectors and start to speak their language.

Changes to the Independent Expert Group

The IEG is very pleased to be able to announce two new members of the team: Purnima Menon and Boyd Swinburn.

Nutrition Country Profiles: Making the Most of Them

With over 80 indicators for each of 193 UN member states, the Nutrition Country Profiles could be a valuable tool for those wishing to improve nutrition within their country. This note presents some ideas for how to make the most of the Profiles.

Politics, Stature and Status: The Lusaka GNR Roundtable

Heightening political commitment and then delivering on that commitment will heighten the stature of the Zambian people—but also the electoral status of politicians who are brave, driven and skilled enough to fight for nutrition.

Ambition and Analysis: The Addis Ababa GNR Roundtable

We noted the commitment of the Government to nutrition as evidenced by its membership of SUN, its commitments at the Nutrition for Growth summit in 2013 and its support for the Global Nutrition Report process.