Improving Agriculture, Food Systems, Climate Change and Nutrition in Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Countries

A one-day conference on Agriculture and Food Systems, Climate Change and Nutrition in CIS countries featuring the Global Nutrition Report 2015 was held in Moscow on Feb. 11

Scaling up Nutrition by Investing in our Nutrition Workforce

We urgently need to build transformational leadership capacity where those most in need of interventions live and work—where program implementation takes place.

GNR at the ECOWAS Nutrition Forum in Togo

The Forum has been a great opportunity to introduce the 2015 GNR to the West Africa nutrition community and for countries and organisations represented to share views on how to accelerate progress in reducing under- and over- nutrition in the ECOWAS region.

Zambia’s Vice President Launches Global Nutrition Report in Lusaka

Zambia’s Vice President, Ms. Inonge Wina: ‘it is in my portfolio to connect what all sectors of the government can do to improve the food and nutrition security of the Zambian people. And also to ensure a multi-sectoral approach to nutrition is adequately implemented’ --- GNR Zambia launch in Lusaka.

Kenya hosts the East Africa Launch of Global Nutrition Report 2015

Experts and stakeholders at the launch agreed that despite the recent progress in ending malnutrition with a number of bright spots across the continent, it remains a major barrier to development in many African nations.

Reflections on the GNR and IHR 2015 launch in India

"Work multisectorally” was the mantra of the day

Nutrition at COP21 in Paris

Nutrition showed up at the COP 21, and we are being successful. As in other multilateral discussions, nutrition is gaining prominence and capturing support.

SMART Commitment GNR Hotline

The Global Nutrition Report team can provide assistance to those who would like to “SMARTen” new or revised commitments in 2016.

Food Systems are the New End Game

Investments in the agricultural sector must prioritise increasing the productivity of non-staple, nutrient-dense foods to make them more affordable to low-income consumers.

Happy World Toilet Day?

Among the multiple things that keep children from growing to their full potential, open defecation is one important factor. World Toilet Day is a day to celebrate that toilet and latrine use can solve this problem.