Concept Note

One of the outcomes of the Nutrition for Growth summit in 2013 was a recommendation for the development of a nutrition accountability report. The UK Department for International Development (DFID) commissioned the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), led by Lawrence Haddad, to develop a concept note for such a report to present to the Stakeholder Group.

Incorporating feedback from national level champions, CSOs, multilateral organisations, donors and the research community, the Concept Note outlines the Report objectives and how these would be achieved, as well as the Report structure, content, governance, branding and audience. The Concept Note was published on the IDS website in February 2014 and public comments were invited.

Following the Concept Note’s acceptance by the Stakeholder Group, the development of the Global Nutrition Report 2014 was put into action through the appointment of the Independent Expert Group.

View the Concept Note here in EnglishSpanish or French.