31 Mar 2017

Global Nutrition Report 2017 – update

Global Nutrition Report

We wanted to update you on a few changes which have taken place at the Global Nutrition Report.

The Global Nutrition Report team is excited to announce that Jessica Fanzo has joined us as a co-chair of the GNR Independent Expert Group, and is working alongside the other two co-chairs, Emorn Udomkesmalee and Corinna Hawkes, and the Independent Expert Group and Stakeholder Group, to deliver the 2017 GNR. Dr Fanzo was a member of the GNR Independent Expert Group previously, so knows the report well. We bid a sad goodbye to Lawrence Haddad, a founder of the GNR, last autumn, as he went off to head up the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition. Huge thanks for your amazing work, Lawrence - and welcome, Jess!

The Global Nutrition Report will be switching hosts from 1 April 2017, moving from IFPRI to Development Initiatives, a UK-based independent international development organisation that focuses on the role of data in driving poverty eradication and sustainable development. Many thanks to IFPRI for hosting the report to date – we look forward to continuing to collaborate to further the cause. And our thanks to Development Initiates for the warm welcome.

Lastly, we would like to welcome Neil Watkins and Rachel Toku-Appiah to the GNR as co-chairs of the Stakeholder Group, the group which provides strategic leadership in building support for the Report.

Amidst these changes, the excitement and enthusiasm around the report remains high. The GNR team is currently planning the next report, which will launch in November 2017, focusing on the multiplier which nutrition can have across other development sectors, at country and global levels. As ever, the GNR thrives on partnership: we will look to work civil society, business, government and academia, to deploy the GNR as an advocacy tool. Please watch this space for further updates, and feel free to reach out to us with ideas.

We will be in touch with a launch update soon. In the meantime, the 2016 report is still alive and kicking – so please do let us know if you would like to use it in your advocacy at country or global level.