Our events calendar shares information about nutrition-related events that are happening all around the globe. Find out about key moments and learn what’s going on in your region.

23 Nov - 4 Dec 2020

3rd Global Conference: Sustainable Food Systems Programme

The 3rd Global Conference of the Sustainable Food Systems Programme will provide space to discuss how to achieve food system transformation through inclusive multi-stakeholder collaboration.


6 Dec - 9 Dec 2020

4th International Conference on Global Food Security

This conference will address the triple burden of malnutrition: hunger, micronutrient deficiencies and obesity.

Montpellier, France


8 Dec 2020

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Kathryn Fuller Science for Nature Seminar Series on Food

The Global Nutrition Report's Independent Expert Group Chair, Dr Renata Micha, will present to the WWF's Science for Nature Seminar Series on Food, where the GNR will formally launch its refreshed Country Nutrition Profiles and Nutrition for Growth (N4G) Commitment Tracking tool.


1 Nov - 12 Nov 2021

COP26 – 26th Session of the Conference of Parties to the UNFCCC

COP26 provides a unique opportunity to make significant changes to the global approach towards the climate crisis and ensure we reach the SDGs.

Glasgow, UK