Global Nutrition Report Blog

16 Oct 2020

Our actions, our future: Young people transforming food systems

Maryam Ahmed | Youth Leader for Nutrition

12 Aug 2020

Q&A with Zero Hunger youth leader, Gasana Ingabire

Gasana Ingabire | Zero Hunger Intern at CARE

07 Jul 2020

Equity and the right to food: A systemic approach to tackling malnutrition

Dr Anna Lartey and Stineke Oenema | Director of Nutrition at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, and Coordinator of the UN Standing Committee on Nutrition

23 Jun 2020

Good Food for All: Making fairer food systems a reality

Dr Gunhild A. Stordalen and Paul Newnham | Founder and Executive Chair of EAT, and Executive Director of SDG2 Advocacy Hub

21 May 2020

Nutrition and COVID-19: Malnutrition is a threat-multiplier

Meera Shekar and Kyoko Okamura | Global Nutrition Lead and Nutrition Specialist at the World Bank

21 Jan 2020

Has the revolution arrived? Why 2020 is a crucial year for nutrition data

Rebecca Heidkamp and Tricia Aung | Principal Investigator and Research Associate at Data for Decisions to Expand Nutrition Transformation (DataDENT)

17 Dec 2019

Tackling the global obesity epidemic: Fiscal policies and the secret to a successful sugar tax

Danielle Edge | Policy and Public Affairs Manager at World Cancer Research Fund International

21 Nov 2019

Learning from success: What’s working in the fight against malnutrition?

Dr Mariachiara Di Cesare | Member of the Global Nutrition Report's Independent Expert Group, Senior Lecturer in Public Health, Middlesex University and Honorary Research Fellow, Imperial College London

21 Jun 2019

Revolutionising data to drive action on hidden hunger

Katherine Shaw | Communications Lead at the Global Fortification Data Exchange & Iodine Global Network

18 Mar 2019

New voices in advocacy: why young people are speaking up for nutrition

Maryam Ahmed | Youth Leader for Nutrition

28 Jan 2019

Let’s close the gaps on food fortification – for better nutrition

Sharada Keats | Senior Associate, Policy and Advocacy, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN)

06 Aug 2018

Does Breastfeeding Reduce the Need for Family Planning in Kenya? Misperceptions and Consequences

Elizabeth Kimani | African Population and Health Research Centre, Kenya