8 Dec 2020 9:00-10:00 ET


World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Kathryn Fuller Science for Nature Seminar Series on Food

It is well-documented that how we produce and consume food plays a major role in climate change and nature loss – and that it could get worse as we strive to feed a bigger and richer population. But food systems can also be part of the solution, not just for food security, but also for a nature-positive, carbon-neutral future.

The Global Nutrition Report's Independent Expert Group Chair, Dr Renata Micha, will present to the WWF's Science for Nature Seminar Series on Food, where the GNR will formally launch its refreshed Country Nutrition Profiles and Nutrition for Growth (N4G) Commitment Tracking tool.

The address, 'State of the World’s Nutrition – An overview of the 2020 Global Nutrition Report and how the world is doing on achieving global nutrition goals' will be held between 9-10 am ET.

WWF’s Science for Nature Seminars provide a regular forum for the conservation community to learn, discuss, network and inspire. The series seeks to advance the discussion of cutting-edge research relating to critical topics in international conservation by featuring distinguished scientists from across the globe.

Seminars are free, open to the public and held remotely via Zoom (registration is required to receive link to the event).