Advocate for the General State Budget (GSB) to contribute at least 3% by 2030 to sensitive and nutrition-specific interventions'

FROM Commitment: contribute funding for nutrition

Government / Sao Tome and Principe


Partner organisations:
Multilateral organisations, including United Nations (UN) agencies: unicef, FAO
Country government at any administrative level: Ministério da Saúde, Ministério de finanças e economia Azul
Date made: 15 Mar 2022
Related event: 2021 Tokyo N4G Summit | 2021 UN Food Systems Summit
Verification status Verified Find out more
NAF SMARTness index High Find out more
Targeted location National - Attention to primary health care, preventive health, and curative nutrition
Targeted population Overall population (all ages, both sexes)
Population coverage 178,738.0
Primary indicator Public investment for nutrition sectors as percentage (%) of the General State Budget (GSB)
Primary indicator baseline 0%
Primary indicator target 0.03
Duration January, 2023 - December, 2030

Nutrition Action Classification


  • Financial
  • Operational
  • Leadership and governance
  • Research monitoring and data


  • Food environment
  • Food supply chain
  • Consumer knowledge
  • Nutrition care services


  • Undernutrition
  • Diet
  • Obesity and diet-related NCDs
  • Food and nutrition security

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