Create a national alliance and set the foundation for a national coordination mechanism for improved DRM policy

FROM Commitment: CAN DReaM

Civil Society Organisation / Canada

Canadian Nutrition Society

Date made: 01 Sep 2022
Related event: Other event
Verification status Verified Find out more
NAF SMARTness index High Find out more
Targeted location National - Canada - federal and provincial
Targeted population Overall population (all ages, both sexes)
Primary indicator Alliance is in place and in action
Primary indicator baseline Formal alliance is not in place, support has been offered
Primary indicator target Alliance is in place and in action
Duration May, 2022 - December, 2025

Goal action plan

The Food for Health workshop: Dialogue on Disease Related Malnutrition 'kicked-off' the commitment actions. During the workshop over 100 individuals were engaged and 100% of participants from diverse sectors responded affirmatively to confirming this commitment.

Going forward, relevant stakeholders will be engaged and identified in conjunction with'principles of engagement'. Ongoing feedback will continue to be sought from both national and international stakeholders.

Nutrition Action Classification


  • Financial
  • Operational
  • Leadership and governance
  • Research monitoring and data


  • Food environment
  • Food supply chain
  • Consumer knowledge
  • Nutrition care services


  • Undernutrition
  • Diet
  • Obesity and diet-related NCDs
  • Food and nutrition security

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