Reducing wasting prevalence from 4.1% in 2019 to 1%in 2030

FROM Commitment: Access to safe and nutritious food

Government / Sao Tome and Principe


Partner organisations:
Multilateral organisations, including United Nations (UN) agencies: UNICEF, WFP, FAO
Civil society organisation (CSO) or non-governmental organisation (NGO): NGO Federation of Sao Tome
Date made: 16 Feb 2022
Related event: 2021 UN Food Systems Summit
Verification status Verified Find out more
NAF SMARTness index High Find out more
Targeted location National -
Targeted population Specific population group(s)
Targeted population age Specific age group(s)
Targeted population specific age Children under 5 years
Targeted population sex All
Primary indicator Prevalance of wasting in children under 5 years
Primary indicator baseline 4.10%
Primary indicator target 1%
Duration January, 2023 - December, 2030

Goal action plan

1.1 Reduce food waste, better access and diversification of markets (urban, quality, public markets) for small producers

1.2 Carry out and encourage nutrition-sensitive policies and investments:

1.3 Invest in infrastructure and storage facilities that allow for easier transport and safe storage of food products;

1.4 Integrate technologies such as food fortification with micronutrients to meet the dietary needs of the population; Invest in safe food processing to increase food availability and stability;

1.5 Strengthen and decentralize local food procurement for national school food, health and nutrition programs; Ensure that social protection programs such as school feeding lead to better nutritional outcomes.

1.6 Promote the national production of quality food, preserving the immense heritage of biodiversity and food culture that exists;

Nutrition Action Classification


  • Financial
  • Operational
  • Leadership and governance
  • Research monitoring and data


  • Food environment
  • Food supply chain
  • Consumer knowledge
  • Nutrition care services


  • Undernutrition
  • Diet
  • Obesity and diet-related NCDs
  • Food and nutrition security

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