Nutrition for Growth (N4G) commitment

Reported progress


Workforce commitments
London 2013 Nutrition policy (28,000)
Reported progress Partial roll-out : 34,504
On course
London 2013 Maternal health/breastfeeding (3,000)
Reported progress Good progress: 3,494
On course
Non-workforce commitments
London 2013 2015–2017: Nutrition improvement of 200,000 weaning children, 100,000 pregnant and lactating mothers, and 250,000 school-age children, through Koko Plus supplement (Ghana Nutrition Improvement Project).
Reported progress As of April 2017, The Ajinomoto Foundation (TAF) has established and Ghana Nutrition Improvement Project has transferred to the Foundation. Under the great effort by the Foundation, the approach to the weaning children through nutritious supplement: “KOKO Plus” has successfully expanding, and Ajinomoto Co., Inc. supported the activities of the Foundation as a donor. Especially, Public-Private-Partnership was key for scaling up of “KOKO Plus”. 1) Ghana Health Service (GHS)/ Memorandum of understanding (MOU) between TAF and GHS was concluded in September 2018. GHS nurses will recommend the product while educating mothers on nutrition. Simultaneous development of marketing channels will allow mothers who received the nutrition training to buy the product at nearby stores. 2) World Food Programme/ with the Food Basket registration being acquired, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs approved program for the poorest populations has begun - weaning children:FY2018: 20,000 (estimated by FY18’s sales of “KOKO Plus”) FY19: 67,000 (estimated by FY19’s target sales of “KOKO Plus”) - pregnant/lactating mothers & school-age children :0 (KOKO Plus was targeted to weaning children)
Off course
Basis of assessment Numbers reached for the year are significantly lower than the annual number needed to reach the target.