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Milan 2017 The Nepal-based Chaudhary Foundation committed to reach 1 million vulnerable people with nutrition and health related interventions over the next 5 years.
Reported progress

Chaudhary Foundation through its Baliyo Nepal program has initiated a movement to reduce stunting and other issues of malnutrition in children between 6 months to 23 months with an awareness campaign that ensures affordable nutritious foods are available and consumed in the community, thus allowing for children to reach their potentiality. The movement was led through its grantee, Baliyo Nepal Nutrition Initiative (BNNI), which has carried out the activities of Baliyo Nepal program.

-A pre-pilot of Baliyo Nepal program was done in 7 municipalities of Lumbini province. 46,560 boxes of Baliyo Lito, 60,000 pcs of masks and 40,000 pcs of soap were distributed to 10,00 children of 6 to 23 months.

- A general nutrition guidelines for Covid-infected people, snacks guielines and nutritious guidelines for parliamentarians was prepared in coordination with FOND and NUDAN.

- Collaborated with Thought for Food for Redefining and Empowering Food Technology (REFT) 2020 program.

- 426 Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHV) trained on Baliyo Nepal program and importance of nutrition.

- Nutrition Awareness Program was organized in 38 schools of 19 selected municipalities in Lumbini Province under School Activation Program. The program focused on importance of right nutrition in developing physical and cognitive attributes in children.

- Similarly Young Talent Program - Baliyo Nepal Cup - was also organized where 12 teams from 12 district of Lumbini Province participated in a cricket tournament. The event was done with similar message of importance of right nutrition.

- A Media Activation Program was also done where a 1-minute jingle on nutritional importance was played in 13 FM stations in Lumbini province. It is estimated to have reached over 900,000 listeners in the province.

- Similarly a radio drama of 8 series with nutrition messages was also aired in the FM stations.

- Through Retailer Activation Program, 5,000 retail shops were oriented on Baliyo Nepal program, its objectives and nutritional awareness.

- A FCHV refresher training was also conducted in the province to monitor the readiness of FCHVs and their understanding of contents on BNNI's message on nutrition. All together 26 FCHVs from 3 wards participated in the training. It is expected that the FCHVs will go back to the community and relay the messages to the community on the importance of right nutrition.

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