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Nutrition for Growth (N4G) commitment

Reported progress


Non-financial commitments
New commitment - added in 2013 To scale up multi-sectorial and multi-stakeholders engagement to scale up nutrition specific and sensitive intervention in Bangladesh.
Reported progress The SUN movement in Bangladesh has an active multi-sectoral platforms (MSP). SUN five networks (Govt., Donor, UN, CSA, and Business) are already functional. The team met at least once per quarter and priorities agreed in line with joint united nations development assistance framework (UNDAF) and as well as the national nutrition plans. Based on the Second National Plan of Action for Nutrition (NPAN2) the districts and upazila level (Sub-district) annual work plans are being developed. Furthermore, within the UN network, a consensus has been reached to design a joint mutli-sectoral package of nutrition in selected high burden districts with engagement and contribution of other SUN network. The Development Partners (DP) nutrition network met regularly and discussed issues of significance which were then brought up at the DP consortium meeting. Also, there are regular communications between DPs with govt. UN, CSA SUN etc. After the successful dissemination of NPAN2 in division and district level, the CSOs have frequently been communicating and lobbying with district level government stakeholders, especially the Deputy Commissioner and the Civil Surgeon for activation of District Nutrition Coordination Committee (DNCC) at several districts in Bangladesh. During National Nutrition Week 2019 celebration, CSA for SUN along with other stakeholders presented and disseminated their lessons learnt, good practices, experience, implementation, survey result etc. Results and success is being evaluated on regular basis to inform implementation decision-making and building the evidence base for improved nutrition.
On course
Basis of assessment Although original commitment language is vague, multi-sectoral and -stakeholder work is ongoing.