Nutrition for Growth (N4G) commitment

Reported progress


Financial commitments
London 2013

The European Union will commit as much as €410 million (US$533 million) for nutrition-specific interventions between 2014 and 2020 and spend as much as €3.1 billion (US$4.03 billion) for nutrition-sensitive programs between 2014 and 2020.

Reported progress

Nutrition-specific, 2018

Commitments: US$118,780,710

Disbursements: US$53,479,524

Nutrition-sensitive, 2018

Commitments: US$526,056,983

Disbursements: US$510,159,623

Nutrition-specific, 2019

Commitments: US$243,076,234

Disbursements: US$81,002,328

Nutrition-sensitive, 2019

Commitments: US$454,711,291

Disbursements: US$455,210,870

Reached commitment
Basis of assessment

Reported progress shows that the total amount allocated between 2014-2019 (EUR 4,359m) exceeds the target of EUR 3,510m.

Non-financial commitments
London 2013

No N4G commitment

The EU committed in 2012 to support partner countries in reducing the number of stunted children under the age of five by at least 7 Million by 2025. This commitment is enshrined in its 2013 Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council 'Enhancing Maternal and Child Nutrition in external assistance: an EU policy framework'. The EU Member States endorsed this policy framework and its objectives in its EU Council Conclusions of May 2013. This political commitment was made previous to the Nutrition for Growth event. However it was not reflected in the commitment annex of the N4G.

Reported progress

With respect to stunting reduction, data available prior to the onset of Covid-19 which uses updated population estimates, suggests that in the 40 EU priority countries, 4.2 million children will have been averted from stunting by 2025. Since the 2012 baseline, the proportion of children suffering from stunting in these priority countries has fallen by an average of 6.2 percentage points.

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