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London 2013

1. The Business Platform for Nutrition Research (BPNR), under design with 10 of the world’s largest companies in partnership with leading public-sector and academic institutions, seeks to channel new investment into research and development for nutrition. Over the next several months GAIN and partners will work to define the specific research agenda, delivery model, and governance structure with the intention of formally launching the BPNR at the UN General Assembly in September 2013.

2. As co-chairs of the SUN Business Network, in partnership with the World Food Programme, GAIN will help launch the Business Innovation Programme (BIP), which by 2017 will:

(i) Broker 20 new multistakeholder partnerships to address priority interventions identified by SUN country governments, via a partnership brokering facility.

(ii) Support 32 businesses, along with national governments, to implement multistakeholder approaches to national nutrition strategies in SUN countries and deliver on business commitments of the compact, via a technical assistance facility.

(iii) Author at least 40 new case studies on how markets can improve nutrition for the poor, via a learning center.

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