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Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN)

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London 2013

1. The Business Platform for Nutrition Research (BPNR), under design with 10 of the world’s largest companies in partnership with leading public-sector and academic institutions, seeks to channel new investment into research and development for nutrition. Over the next several months GAIN and partners will work to define the specific research agenda, delivery model, and governance structure with the intention of formally launching the BPNR at the UN General Assembly in September 2013.

2. As co-chairs of the SUN Business Network, in partnership with the World Food Programme, GAIN will help launch the Business Innovation Programme (BIP), which by 2017 will:

(i) Broker 20 new multistakeholder partnerships to address priority interventions identified by SUN country governments, via a partnership brokering facility.

(ii) Support 32 businesses, along with national governments, to implement multistakeholder approaches to national nutrition strategies in SUN countries and deliver on business commitments of the compact, via a technical assistance facility.

(iii) Author at least 40 new case studies on how markets can improve nutrition for the poor, via a learning center.

Reported progress

The 2019 Global Nutrition Report assessed that GAIN had reached its initial Nutrition for Growth (N4G) commitments.

GAIN's Business Platform for Nutrition Research (BPNR) programme has since concluded. A summary of its achievements include: (1) a tool to systematically collect information on packaged foods, as part of the preparatory activities for national dietary surveys, increasing accuracy in food and nutrient intake estimates, and saving time in data collection and analysis; (2) a methodology that can be taken to scale to collect data on diet quality and alignment with dietary recommendation at the population level for 140 countries annually; (3) simplified methods for determining the palatability and acceptability of foods for infants and young children; (4) a mobile real-time assessment platform for determining aflatoxin exposure in individuals and in food commodities, together with a global aflatoxin exposure data bank; and (5) new ideas for aflatoxin control, stimulated through two elevator pitch competitions.

The SUN Business Network (SBN)'s achievements include:

1. Global membership stands at 864 business members as of January 2020.

2. National SBN Coordinators are now in place in 17 SUN Countries, with more than 30 SUN Countries being supported by the SBN to develop their own networks (see country progress at: https://sunbusinessnetwork.org/).

3. Since 2018, the SBN has facilitated 160 business-to-business matches between global technical assistance providers or investors with SMEs on nutrition. As of January 2020, 28 of the linkages facilitated had developed into partnerships;

4. In 2020, the SBN held the second edition of the SUN Pitch Competition over 500 SMEs applied; deals worth over USD 12m were developed by the SBN amongst the 21 SMEs which competed in the final (https://sunpitchcompetition.com/).

5. The independent evaluation of the SBN in 2019 recognised the progress made by the SBN and provided a set of recommendations to further improve the consistency of the SBNs approach across SUN Countries.

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Reported progress in previous Global Nutrition Reports indicates that commitment has been achieved.