International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Nutrition for Growth (N4G) commitment

Reported progress


London 2013

1. Introduce specific nutrition-sensitive designs in approximately 20% of all new IFAD-funded projects.

2. Integrate nutrition-sensitive analysis, indicators, and activities into approximately 30% of all new results based on country strategic opportunities programs (COSOPs).

3. 100% of newly approved Country Strategies are nutrition-sensitive by:

- Include a nutrition situation assessment, particular in areas and among beneficiaries where IFAD will work

- Describe country programs and policies relevant to nutrition and agriculture

- Show how strategic objectives and potential projects relate to nutrition

Reported progress

1. Nutrition sensitive projects approved in 2015-2018: 44% are nutrition sensitive.

2. Nutrition sensitive COSOPs approved in 2015-2018: 100% are nutrition sensitive.

3. Nutrition sensitive COSOPs approved in 2015-2018: 100% are nutrition sensitive

Reached commitment
Basis of assessment

Reported progress in previous Global Nutrition Reports indicates that commitment has been achieved.

New commitment - added in 2013

The commitments as of 2013 were increased to introduce nutrition-sensitive designs in approximately in 33% of all newly approved projects in 2016-2018. Such projects identify clear pathways through which it can maximize its contribution to improving nutrition/healthy diets by ensuring changes in food consumption patterns, connect and coordinate with interventions from other sectors and partners.

Reported progress

More than 2 billion USD were invested by IFAD in nutrition sensitive agriculture rural development projects (54 projects out of 122) over the period 2015-2018. 44% of IFAD projects were nutrition- sensitive.

On course
Basis of assessment

Exceeded the commitment target.