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Nutrition for Growth (N4G) commitment

Reported progress


Financial commitments
Milan 2017

Upon establishing King Philanthropies in 2016, we undertook a rigorous strategic planning process in which we analysed a host of possible interventions for alleviating extreme poverty. We applied criteria such as the extent of unmet needs, potential for impact, cost-effectiveness, tractability, and neglect by other donors. This extensive fact-based analysis led us create King Essentials, a new grant making initiative focused on addressing nutrition-related needs in Africa and Asia. In 2017, King Philanthropies made grant commitments of $33M (in multi-year grants to be disbursed over the next three years) to seven exemplary non-profit organisations to support nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive interventions. Our investment in nutrition provides an extraordinary vehicle for making an impact on extreme poverty over the long term.

Reported progress

2017, 1 December 31 December

Nutrition-specific disbursements: US$1,375,000

Nutrition-sensitive disbursements: US$3,375,000

2018, 1 January 31 December

Nutrition-specific disbursements: US$2,000,000

Nutrition-sensitive disbursements: US$5,750,488

2019, 1 January 31 December

Nutrition-specific disbursements: US$4,605,000

Nutrition-sensitive disbursements: US$10,121,857

2020, 1 January 30 November

Nutrition-specific disbursements: US$1,040,122

Nutrition-sensitive disbursements: US$8,813,527

On course
Basis of assessment

Assuming a linear rate of progress, the cumulative disbursements for 1 December 2017 - 31 December 2019 (US$27,227,345) are above the required amount by this stage (US$25,108,695) to remain on course with the target of US$33,000,000 by 30th November 2020. The assessment is not performed on 2020 data to remain consistent with other respondents.