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Nutrition for Growth (N4G) commitment

Reported progress


Impact commitments
London 2013

1. Reduce by at least 40% stunting among children under age 5.

2. Reduce wasting to 5%.

3. 50% increase in exclusive breastfeeding during the first 6 months of life.

Reported progress

The national SMART survey in July 2021 showed that:

(i) Stunting has decreased from 19.6% (2019) to 17.8% (2021)

(ii) Acute malnutrition has decreased from 11.2% (2019) to 11.1% (2021)

(iii) Exclusive breastfeeding rate increased from 41.30% (2019) to 56.2% (2021)

Off course
Basis of assessment

Fewer than half of the individual commitment components are assessed to be on course

Policy commitments
London 2013

1. Finalize the sectoral action plan for nutrition (PAIN), which defines the specific nutritional interventions.

2. Strengthen the resilience of our communities dealing with cyclical crises of food and nutrition insecurity.

3. Define costs in PAIN document as an advocacy tool to increase the share of the state budget allocated to nutrition and contribute to increase investment in the field of nutrition.

Reported progress

For political commitments, the situation is as follows:

(i) The Mauritanian State has decided to organise a National Forum on Nutrition and Food

(ii) The process of recruiting two national consultants with technical support from the UNICEF Regional Office is underway to update Mauritania's framework documents on nutrition development (National Nutrition Development Policy, Multisectoral Nutrition Strategic Plan and its Common Results Framework.

(iii) In terms of expected results, there will be: a new Nutrition Policy document PNDN 2022-2030, a Multisectoral Action Plan 2022-2025 and a budgeted Common Results Framework

(iv) The NDP document will integrate Mauritania's new vision for nutrition development incorporating the N4G commitments presented in Tokyo in 2021 and the Roadmap for a transition to inclusive and sustainable food systems, presented at the New York SA Summit

(v) A donor roundtable for nutrition funding is planned as a side event, with the support of the SUN Secretariat

(vi) Decree CNDN N° 2022-029 (revised form of decree CNDN N°2010-208), organising the governance of Nutrition and its multisectoral coordination was adopted in the Council of Ministers on 26 January 2022 and signed by the Mauritanian Government

Not assessable
Basis of assessment

Although progress is positive, the reported progress is not assessable in terms of the original commitments