Nutrition for Growth (N4G) commitment

Reported progress


Financial commitments
London 2013

The Government of the Netherlands will commit a total of €150 million (US$195 million) for nutrition specific interventions 2013-2020, of which €132 million (US$171 million) is additional to 2010 levels of investment. We also commit to spend €150 million (US$195 million) for nutrition sensitive programs, 2013-2020.

Reported progress

Nutrition-specific, 2018

Commitments: US$13,484,523

Disbursements: US$67,879,426

Nutrition-sensitive, 2018

Commitments: US$13,078,191

Disbursements: US$23,068,363

On course
Basis of assessment

Assuming a linear rate of progress, the sum of disbursements from 2014 - 2018 (US$384m) is greater than the required cumulative disbursements by this stage (US$279m) to remain on course for the target of US$390m. The original wording of the N4G commitment was ambiguous, and so financial disbursements were confirmed as the correct indicator with the signatory.