Nutrition for Growth (N4G) commitment

Reported progress


Financial commitments
London 2013

The Government of the Netherlands will commit a total of €150 million (US$195 million) for nutrition specific interventions 2013-2020, of which €132 million (US$171 million) is additional to 2010 levels of investment. We also commit to spend €150 million (US$195 million) for nutrition sensitive programs, 2013-2020.

Reported progress

Nutrition specific, 2017:

Commitment: US$114,550,740

Disbursement: US$32,837,007

Nutrition Sensitive, 2017:

Commitment: US$42,223,011

Disbursement: US$53,917,087

On course
Basis of assessment

Exceeded average annual disbursements needed ($24.4 million/yr for each) for to reach spending targets by 2020.