Save the Children International

Nutrition for Growth (N4G) commitment

Reported progress


Financial commitments
London 2013

Nutrition-specific total (US$): 85,000,000

Nutrition-sensitive total (US$): 590,000,000

Reported progress


Nutrition-specific disbursements: US$7,348,653

Nutrition-sensitive disbursements: US$60,469,436


Nutrition-specific disbursements: US$2,356,620

Nutrition-sensitive disbursements: US$78,843,442


Nutrition-specific disbursements: US$33,655,164

Nutrition-sensitive disbursements: US$36,038,892


Nutrition-specific disbursements: US$7,821,799.04

Nutrition-sensitive disbursements: US$63,814,471



Commitments: US$14,239,697

Disbursements: US$10,966,148


Commitments: US$78,315,347

Disbursements: US$63,814,471


Nutrition-specific disbursements: US$44,141,245

Nutrition-sensitive disbursements: US$49,596,543

Off course
Basis of assessment

Complete historic data for financial disbursements was missing from the analysis. The entity was therefore assessed by comparing the 'average annual required disbursements' to each year of available data between 2014-2019 inclusive. Less than half of these years exceeded the required amount. Nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive targets are combined into a single nutrition figure.

Non-financial commitments
London 2013

1. Chair SUN Civil Society Network (CSN).

2. Partnership with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), Secure Nutrition on Innovations in Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture.

Reported progress

1. We continue to host the SUN Civil Society Network Secretariat and provide the vice-chair to the steering group. Our CEO Inger Ashing is an active member of the SUN Lead Group. The SUN CSN now represents over 4,000 national, regional and international organisations and networks spanning multiple sectors, and over 60 national civil society alliances. A key achievement for the SUN CSN this year was the development of the SUN CSN's new strategy for 2021-2025 and we continue to work closely with the secretariat team to ensure they have sufficient funding for its delivery.

The nutrition-sensitive agriculture competition was successfully delivered with GAIN and the World Bank in 2014. Save the Children continues to work with GAIN in a number of ways, including: collaboration through the SUN Movement (GAIN hosts the SUN Business Network); programmatic partnerships; and as contributors to the Global Nutrition Report Stakeholder Group and the Nutrition for Growth Advisory Group.

On course
Basis of assessment

At least half of the individual commitment components are assessed to be on course