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Financial commitments
Milan 2017

Within the next five years, we will raise another $150 million with which we will be able to leverage a minimum of $600 million of programme investments, for a total of more than one billion dollars of programme investments by 2022. Investing $1 billion in these nutrition programmes will help prevent at least 600,000 cases of stunting in children. With continued and ongoing strong support from our partners, including governments, multilateral organisations and importantly private sector investors we will achieve these high and ambitious goals.

**The Power of Nutrition was founded by UK Aid, the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, the UBS Optimus Foundation, UNICEF and the World Bank.**

Reported progress

Since 2018, TPoN has raised $84m, using that to leverage a total of $540m. That’s x6.4 leverage. Although we haven’t hit the $1bn target as committed ( this shortfall can be attributed to several confounding factors like the shrinking donor landscape and the impact of COVID-19 Health and Nutrition financing)

TPoN is on track to achieve our headline impact target – to help prevent 600,000 cases of stunting – which will be achieved in about December this year, please find below a breakdown of some key countries where we have made good progress in stunting reduction based on an impact analysis that was recently conducted.

India (Maharashtra)

Number of stunting cases averted: 387,656

Number of lives (children <5y) saved: 812

Number of maternal Anaemia cases averted: 8,124


Number of stunting cases averted: 145,007

Number of lives (children <5y) saved: 801

Number of maternal Anaemia cases averted: 4,936


Number of stunting cases averted: 90,096

Number of lives (children <5y) saved: 8,664

Number of maternal Anaemia cases averted: 217,517


Number of stunting cases averted: 108,869

Number of lives (children <5y) saved: 2,992

Number of maternal Anaemia cases averted: 293,035


Number of stunting cases averted: 17,783

Number of lives (children <5y) saved: 1,061

Number of maternal Anaemia cases averted: N/A


Number of stunting cases averted: 400,520

Number of lives (children <5y) saved: 14,330

Number of maternal Anaemia cases averted: 523,612

TPoN is currently exploring several innovative financing mechanisms to mobilize more sustainable resources to tackle Nutrition, for example:

- TPoN in collaboration with the World Bank and Palladium Impact capital is in the process of launching the world’s first Child Zero Hunger capital market bond, which will potentially bring in hundreds, possibly billions of new $ money for nutrition in the coming months/years

- We have a new partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP) and Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) that is helping us enter the Middle East market for the first time and could leverage $200m for nutrition.

- TPoN has recently launched a Global Malnutrition Crisis Appeal, in response to the current malnutrition crisis fuelled by the triad of global shocks 3 C”s (Conflict - Ukraine - Russia conflict, Climate Change and the lingering impact of COVID-19 on local economies.

On course
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At least half of the individual commitment components are assessed to be on course.