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London 2013 The heads of the following UN agencies commit to the joint engagement and support in achieving the goals of the SUN Movement: FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva, WHO Director-General Margaret Chan, IFAD President Kanayo Nwanze, UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake, and World Food Programme Executive Director Earthrin Cousin. Later this year, the UN Network for SUN will formally launch with a goal of providing the platform for improved and effective interagency cooperation.
Reported progress

The UN Network for SUN has Reached commitment as highlighted in previous Global Nutrition Reports.

According to the results of the 2019 UN Network reporting exercise:

- Overall, 90% of the country UN Networks (UNNs) were highly functional, up from 82% in 2018.

- While the composition of the networks varied from country to country, it is increasingly evident that the UNNs are attracting new members as part of their efforts to bolster collective action on nutrition.

-Sixteen UN agencies are now engaged in country UNNs, compared to five when the UNNs were founded.

- UNNs are taking other forms combined UN-Donor Networks, Development Partners Groups and technical working groups within which UN agencies work together to advance the national nutrition agenda.

- UNN analytics continue to be a means for enhancing UNN functionality and strengthening nutrition capacity at the country level.

- 90% of all country UNNs supported the establishment and/or strengthening of multistakeholder/sectoral platforms (MSPs) at national and/or subnational levels.

- The vast majority (93%) of country UNNs engaged in MSPs, helping to plan, review and coordinate nutrition actions.

- 80% of country UNNs supported the SUN Government Focal Point or other nutrition authorities by strengthening their skills, equipping them with tools, sharing guidance and coaching them (e.g. through UNN-REACH) to bring different stakeholders into a common space.

- 70% of the 60 countries surveyed directly engaged with the UNRC, which further analysis revealed was associated with better UNN functionality

- About 2/3 of country UNNs undertook UN joint programming in the area of nutrition, of which 17% covered a combination of development and humanitarian assistance.

- A sizable proportion of country UNNs reported collaborating with other SUN networks, up to 92% with the SUN Civil Society Network. In several cases, these efforts supported the establishment or revitalisation of other networks in the country.

Further details about the progress the UN Network is making in SUN countries is outlined in the 2019 UN Network Annual Report, available at https://bit.ly/31NWMao

Reached commitment
Basis of assessment

Reported progress in previous Global Nutrition Reports indicates that commitment has been achieved.